Standing Orders (SO)

Under the 1972 Local Government Act, Parish Councils have the power to organise their own affairs. If they do this then they must document how they wish to function as a council. This documentation is known as “standing orders”.

They may use standing orders to organise their business especially how meetings are to be run in order to ensure orderly and balanced debate.

The following is a list of the standing orders (SO) and protocols (to be) adopted by Ellisfield Parish Council. The date (in brackets) next to the link is the date the SO was adopted.

Ellisfield Parish Council – Standing Orders

  1. Meetings (2015/03/16)
  2. Protocol for Reporting at Meetings (2015/03/16)
  3. Councillors Code of Conduct 2015 (2015/03/16)
  4. Freedom of Information Act 2001
  5. Councillors Induction Pack
  6. Allegations of code of conduct breaches
  7. Accounts and Financial Matters (2015/06/25) Draft
  8. Expenditure; estimates and precepts
  9. Unauthorised activities
  10. Confidential business
  11. Minutes
  12. Motions requiring/not requiring written notice
  13. Voting on appointments and co-options
  14. Rules of debate and questions
  15. Disorderly conduct
  16. Rescission of previous resolutions
  17. Execution & sealing of legal deeds
  18. Ordinary Council and Extraordinary meetings
  19. Committees, sub and advisory committees
  20. Proper Officer and other definitions
  21. Canvassing of & recommendations by councilors
  22. Liaison with County, District/Unitary Councilors
  23. Relations with the press/media
  24. Variation, revocation & suspension of SO’s