Councillors and Parish Clerk

Ellisfield Parish Council consists of six Councillors elected for a four year term. The Council appoints and employs the Clerk who administers the affairs of the Council between meetings. If you would like to look at the Councillor’s Registers of Interests, please visit the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Site.

Code of Conduct and Standing Orders for Parish Councillors

Like all business-oriented service organisations, the Parish Council must act in accordance with extensive legislation and specialist guidance through Standing Orders (SO) and Protocols. To view a list of the Standing Orders please click here.

To view a copy of the Ellisfield Parish Councillors’ Code of Conduct please click here.


Please email the Clerk if you would like to get in touch or have any Parish Council queries.

Councillors Primary InterestsSecondary Accountabilities
Cllr Mrs Caroline Cazenove
(Vice Chair)
The Green
Ellisfield, Hants
RG25 2QS

Tel: 01256 381279
Vice Chair role,

Hill Farm Pond
Neighbourhood Watch
Burial Ground
Welcome Packs

  • Organising volunteer groups for improvement projects/makeovers often on Saturdays.

  • Attending related meetings as requested.

  • Attending/Chairing meetings as required.

  • Neighbourhood around The Green, RG25 2QS
Cllr Timothy Guinness
Widmoor Farm,
College Lane
Ellisfield, Hants
RG25 2QE

Tel: 01256 381348
Chairman role.
EPC Website (
Solar Farm
The Fox Inn
Flood resilience
Finance (Internal)(joint with RH)
EVG (joint with AS)
  • Localism; Local liaison with businesses and landowners among other rural activities and observation of legal issues.

  • Attending/Chairing meetings as required.

  • Neighbourhood around upper College Lane, RG25 2QE.
Cllr Gavin Park-Weir,
Green Lane
Ellisfield, Hants RG25 2QJ

Tel: 01256 384188
Broadband/EBAG (joint with AS)
Veolia (joint with RH)
Local business and planning issues
  • Assistance with Broadband project

  • Attending related meetings as requested.

  • Neighbourhood around Green Lane, RG25 2QL
Cllr Andy Swanston,
Oak Hill,
Green Lane,
Hants RG25 2QL

Tel: 01256 381171
Broadband/EBAG (joint with GPW)
EVG (joint with TG)
SIDS and Axford Rd calming
Risk Assessment
Gravel Pits
  • Running of EBAG

  • Liaison with EVG

  • Pothole reporting/liaison

  • Assistance with various maintenance issues concerning village road signs, wooden benches, noticeboards and other village property as needed.

  • Monitoring condition of property
Cllr Gordon Dunse,
The Thatched Cottage,
The Green,
Hants RG25 2QS

Tel: 07843 344612
Memorial Hall Trustee
Footpaths & Rights of Way
Property (joint with RH)
  • Attending related meetings as requested.

  • Neighbourhood around The Green, RG25 2QS.
Cllr Richard Haas,
The Walled Garden,
College Lane,
Hants RG25 2QR

Tel: 01256 381265
Finance (Internal)(joint with TG)
Property (joint with GD)
Veolia (joint with GPW)
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
  • Liaison with local businesses.

  • Neighbourhood around Upper College Lane RG25 2QR

  • Monitoring condition of property

Clerk to the CouncilAccountabilities
Peter & Sylvia Raine (Joint Clerk)
Church Cottage,
Church Lane,
Ellisfield, RG25 2QR

Tel: 01256 381221

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Accountable to Chair Ellisfield Parish Council (EPC) for day-to-day executive business administration (part-time employed home-based) between formal meetings in co-ordination with Ellisfield Parish Councillors. Acts independently as an Advisor; the Monitoring and Publicity Officer and as Finance Officer.

Prepares and organises meetings, agendas and related EPC finance matters including any other correspondence, such as Newsletters/Bulletins/Surveys/Welcome Packs, as required from time to time.

Responsible for various Ellisfield resident services and facilities through assets owned or paid for by EPC. Manages contracts, grants/awards and relationships other EPC employees; i.e. Litter Pickers, and liaises with the many volunteers/residents/local Council Officers that assist EPC in successfully achieving its accountabilities.