Minutes and Agendas

Here is an archive of Minutes from Parish Council Meetings and Annual Parish Meetings (which are meetings of the village, chaired by the Parish Council’s chairman). Please note that the last meeting’s Minutes will be posted to this website in DRAFT format until their approval at the next meeting.

The Agenda for the next Meeting will be posted here as soon as the originals have been put up on the village notice boards.

To view any document, just click on the meeting DATE.

Please note that all documents are PDFs. If you don’t have a PDF viewer on your system you can download the latest Adobe PDF Viewer from the Adobe website: click HERE.

The next meeting’s Agenda and venue will be posted below in the week before the meeting.

Ellisfield Parish Council Meeting Minutes


202020th January MinutesMarch 23rd Cancelled 30th March "Zoom" meeting MinutesMay 11th "Zoom" meeting Minutes
202027th June
Extraordinary "Zoom" meeting Minutes
July 20th "Zoom" meeting Draft MinutesOctober 5thNovember 2nd
AGM and APMMay 11th Zoom meeting AGM MinutesMay 15th APM


2019January 21st Minutes 18th March Minutes20th May Minutes15th July Minutes
201916th September Minutes 14th October Minutes2nd December Minutes
AGM and APM20th May AGM Minutes10th May APM Draft Minutes
10th May APM Chairmans ReportAPM 10th May 2019 - Accounts, Budgets and PreceptsAPM 10th May 2019 - Reports from Village Organisations etc


201815th January Minutes6th March Minutes14th May Minutes 25th June Minutes
201823rd July Minutes17th September Minutes 15th October Minutes10th December Minutes
AGM and APM14th May AGM MinutesAPM 18th May Minutes
APM 18th May 2018 - Chairmans ReportAPM 18th May 2018 - Accounts, Budget and PreceptAPM 18th May 2018 - Report from Village Organisations etc


2017 23 January Minutes20 March Minutes17 July
18 September Minutes
201728 November Minutes
APM and AGM5 May22 May
Extraordinary Meeting23 June


201611 January29 February11 April23 May
201622 June18 July19 September7 November
201619 December
APM and AGM20 May23 May


201526 January16 March18 May13 July
2015 27 July7 September20 October 2 December
Annual Parish Meeting29 May29 May


20143 February24 March12 May30 June
20141 September6 October24 November
Annual Parish Meeting23 May23rd MayAPM Chairmans Report


201325 February8 April13 May1 July
20132 September14 October25 November
Annual Parish Meeting17 May 2013


201223 January19 March30 April18 June
201217 September29 October10 December
Annual Parish Meeting11 May 2012


201114 February4 April13 June11 July
20115 September24 October12 December
Annual Parish Meeting20 May 2011