Parish Council Meeting 20 March

The next Meeting of Ellisfield Parish Council
will be held in Ellisfield Memorial Hall at 8.00pm on Monday 20 March 2017
All Councillors are requested to attend
An Open Forum of 15 minutes will be held immediately after Agenda item 3 at which residents may ask questions.

The agenda can be found here.

Vacancy for Parish Clerk / Financial Officer

The Parish Council is deeply saddened by the sudden death of their Parish Clerk, Mick Walker, on Friday 6th January 2017, after a short illness. Mick and his wife Linda moved to The Acorns, Axford Road, Ellisfield in 2016. Together they transformed the house and then on 1st June, Mick took over from Wendy Simson as Parish Clerk, applying himself enthusiastically to bring the administration into shipshape order. Mick’s funeral will be at 1:15pm on Thursday 9th February at Basingstoke Crematorium.

We are now looking for a new Parish Clerk; duties include preparing agendas and taking minutes at usually 6 meetings a year, plus Annual Parish Meeting, handling correspondence, maintaining financial records and preparing them for audit.

The successful candidate will need to be competent in using email and both Microsoft Word and Excel. The work which is largely home-based is approximately 6 hours per week remunerated in line with National Salary scales. (£3,340 p.a. + allowances).

Anyone interested in taking over this role should contact Parish Council Chairman, Tim Guinness; by email, by telephone: 01256 381149 / 07785 324 755 for more information.

Superfast Broadband – latest

Councillor Park-Weir has sent out the following regarding superfast broadband in the village.

We would like to take this opportunity to keep you informed of the latest developments in the project to bring faster broadband to the village and we ask you to respond the questions indicated below; your help will enable the parish council to approach this issue is a way that best reflects the wishes of Ellisfield residents.

The Parish Council are continuing our efforts to bring faster broadband to all properties and business within the village. As it stands today the properties in the North are included in the Hampshire scheme (Wave 2) and are expected to get an improved service by the end of 2018. However there is no plan from Hampshire Council in place to bring faster broadband to the South of the village.

The Parish Council does not believe it is acceptable for there to be no plan to improve service to the South of the village and we intend to put pressure on Hampshire County Council, our County Councillors and our MP to get a solution for Ellisfield South.

The additional cost of BT’s basic faster broadband services vs what we get from BT today is likely to be between £6 and £10 per month and approx. £20 set up fee. We are also exploring the potential for faster broadband service from other suppliers to provide competition other than BT, allowing residents to choose from alternative providers with different options and prices. Once we have faster broadband then residents may want to sign up for additional services, streaming TV, sport, telephone or movies, although these may bring further additional costs.

The Parish Council will make sure that all responses are confidential and that we fulfil our duty to protect your information and privacy although as there is a case that it might be valuable to collectively share the information both inside the community and with prospective broadband suppliers please indicate if you are happy for us to do so.

Please answer the 3 questions below

We would be greatly helped with our efforts if we have an indication of the likely uptake of improved service once it is deployed.

Please can send an email to answering the following questions:

Question 1

My name, address and home phone number is:

Question 2

If a faster service was available… (please respond with one of the following):

  • Yes I would sign up to faster broadband
  • No I don’t need a faster service
  • Other / not sure
  • I decline to share this information with the Parish Council

Please feel free to add a short note if you want to provide any further clarity on your response, volunteer to help the campaign or if the choices don’t fit your situation.

Question 3

If the council need to share my details with potential providers of a faster broadband service

  • Yes, I am happy for my details to be shared
  • No, please don’t share my details

If you don’t have access to email and you want to respond please drop a note to Councillor Park-Weir at Homestead, Green Lane

Thank you for your help

Ellisfield Parish Council

Newsletter – Spring 2017

A newsletter has been written with details about the Parish Clerk vacancy and the latest information about flood resilience and planning applications. It has been distributed throughout the village in both hard copy and by email. Please click here to read it.