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Job Vacancy

Applications are invited for the post of


Ellisfield is a small, friendly Village consisting of 119 houses and approximately 290 residents. The Parish Council has six Members. For more information, visit our website

Working hours-approximately 5 hours per week

We are looking for someone with good organisational skills, including excellent attention to detail. You must have good communication and interpersonal skills, work effectively under your own initiative, and experience in managing financial information such as accounts and budgets is required.

The successful candidate does not need to have prior experience as a Parish Clerk; this role would be ideal for someone who would like to contribute to the Ellisfield community, represent the Village effectively and develop their professional skills,  

Applicants should be open to developing their knowledge of local government processes and procedures, in order to fully assist the Parish Council.

Attendance at evening meetings will be a requirement; the Parish Council has at least one evening meeting every other month, usually the 3rd Monday of the month. Reasonable notice will be given of any meeting to which you are required to attend.

  • Salary will depend on experience and qualifications.
  • Appropriate Training will be given.
  • Work from home, hours are flexible

If you are interested, please contact the Locum Clerk Karen Ross or email your current CV

Applications should be received by 31st July 2022.

Interviews will be held as soon as possible after the closing date.

Audit 2019/2020

For details of the  Audit and Accounts for 2019/2020 etc see: Annual Governance
and Accountability Return 2019/20 PDF

Public rights to view EPC accounts

Notices pertaining to the exercise of public rights to view Ellisfield Parish Council accounts for the year ending 31stMarch 2020 between 9am and 5pm on working days from 31st July 2020 to 14th September 2020 are now on the Lower Common Parish Council notice board.

Any person wishing to exercise these rights should please telephone Peter Raine, Joint Clerk, for an appointment on 01256 381221.

The statement of accounts will not be audited on account of that authority’s self-certified status as exempt, unless either a request for an opportunity to question the auditor about the authority’s accounting records under section 26(2) or an objection under section 27(1) of the Act, results in the involvement of the local auditor; and that in either of those circumstances the audit will be limited to that required by section 20 of the Act as modified by the Smaller Authorities Regulations. (See regulation 12 of the Smaller Authorities Regulations for the application of section 20 of the Act in relation to a Category 2 authority with exempt status.).


Signed: P. C. W. Raine                                                                                       Date: 30th July 2020
Responsible Financial Officer
Ellisfield Parish Council

Candover Valley Community Store

SHARE MEMBERSHIP SCHEME                                                                                                               Offer extended until 31 July

The Candover Valley Community Store Committee are delighted with the progress made so far towards the fundraising target.

We do still need more peopleto participate in the share membership scheme and encourage all residents in the valley and everyone who would benefit from the shop, to buy shares.  By doing this, you can help make the vision of a new community shop, post office and coffee area a reality.

We know many people are supportive and may not have made an application yet so PLEASE do this as soon as possible.  To allow as many people as possible to apply for shares the share membership scheme has been extended until JULY 31st.

The more funds we raise locally the greater the chance

We have of securing grants which is a key part of the fundraising approach


If you do not already have a copy of the information application forms are available from the website from the Canterton Stores, The Purefoy Arms or contact Lucy Muncey ( 01256 389338)


Annual Parish Meeting – Friday 5 May 2017 8pm

Please accept this as an invitation to this year’s Annual Parish Meeting

Everyone in the village is invited to this meeting which is not a Parish Council Meeting; it is a meeting for all Ellisfield residents. Wine and Cheese will be served after the meeting. Any resident can speak and/or ask questions. However, if a resolution is called for, only those who are registered as local council electors may vote.

The meeting will be chaired by Parish Council Chairman, Tim Guinness who will report activities & accounts of the council to the meeting.

Representatives of every village organisation will be asked to give a short presentation and, they too, will answer any questions.

Anna McNair Scott our County Councillor and Borough Councillor Mark Ruffell have been invited and will be attending to answer questions if their schedule allows.

Please find attached a copy of the agenda and draft minutes from last year’s meeting.

Kind regards Jacqui Matthews
On behalf of Ellisfield Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting 20 March

The next Meeting of Ellisfield Parish Council
will be held in Ellisfield Memorial Hall at 8.00pm on Monday 20 March 2017
All Councillors are requested to attend
An Open Forum of 15 minutes will be held immediately after Agenda item 3 at which residents may ask questions.

The agenda can be found here.