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Neighbourhood Watch – September 2020


Jane’s Watch                                                                                                                      September 2020

Dear Residents 
We start the month with an information appeal, on Monday September 7th, 2020 between 11:58am and 12:05pm an ornate ceramic bird bath was stolen from Cleresden Rise, Cliddesden. A silver car was seen to enter and stop outside the garden and then drove away a short time afterwards. PC Reid asks that if anyone saw anything suspicious to please contact him directly. 

We have experienced a couple of thefts from gardens recently, firstly at Chilton Candover there was a theft of two lead planters whilst at Upton Grey York stone was stolen. Please may we ask you to remain vigilant, photograph and mark valuable items. 

Sadly, PC Reid has to report an increase in the local crime rate, mostly around the area of this magazine. For the first eight months of the year there were no reported house burglaries across the whole of the 75 sq. miles of the twenty-two parishes of PC Reid’s initial area. However, in late September a home was broken into in Dummer Road at Axford where property was stolen whilst the owners were away. Two days later a second burglary was reported in Chilton Candover where a substantial amount of art and paintings were stolen. Whilst this is a rare occurrence it does highlight that criminals continue to travel into our area and commit crime. 

As the evenings draw in please consider your home security, leave lights on and use timers, consider an alarm and CCTV, leave a radio / television on, please make the appearance that someone is at home, consider ‘Beware of the Dog’ signs on the front gate, again it all helps to prevent burglary. 

Many thanks for your continued support and vigilance. 

Jane Popkin 

Jane’s Contact Details: 

Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833 



Neighbourhood Watch August 2019

                                            Jane’s Watch                             August 2019

Dear Residents

A bumper edition this month to cover last month’s edition.

The table below provides a brief outline of the crimes reported in the first half of this year for the parishes covered by this magazine.

Parish 2018 2019
Ellisfield 3 6
Farleigh Wallop 2 1
Cliddesden 7 4
Dummer 8 14

We need your help please if you saw or heard anything suspicious overnight of 1st and 2nd July.  A small vehicle drove through fencing on the Axford Road, Ellisfield. The damage to the fencing allowed sheep to run onto the road, one sheep was hit by a car and others appear to have been stolen from the field. If you noticed or heard anything between 6pm on the 1st and 7.30am on the 2nd please call PC Reid directly. As always, all calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.

PC Reid is also appealing for any information concerning theft from a car at The Dummer Golf Club between 6.40pm and 10pm on June 21st, 2019. This is a very rare event, however, if you saw anyone in the area who was acting suspiciously please give PC Reid a direct call – thank you.

A big thank you to all local Residents who reported the presence of an illegal Pedlar calling in and around Dummer on July 1st, 2019. On this occasion, he was very fortunate as PC Reid was dealing with his friend in Preston Candover whom has been reported for summons to court and his goods seized, so when PC Reid got to Dummer the pedlar had disappeared.

Resident information– it is illegal for people to cold call at any door and offer or expose goods for sale unless they have a Police issued Pedlars Certificate. These can be purchased from the Police however you have to be of good previous character. From PC Reid’s experience, many of them who have been reported for summons to Court for acting as a Pedlar without a Certificate have many previous convictions – hence no police issued Pedlars Certificate.

Cold callers will state they are unemployed, homeless, ex-services etc., frequently these excuses are simply that – an excuse. If they call at your door it is up to you if you purchase anything from them but please remember unless they have a Police issued Pedlars Certificate they are acting unlawfully. If you experience a cold caller please notify PC Reid and he will do all he can to witness them at their ‘work’ and be the witness to take the appropriate action to reduce any intimidation against Residents.

Between July 30th and August 2nd, a fuel tank attached to a parked tractor in a field in Berrydown Lane was attacked causing extensive damage. If anyone saw anything suspicious please give PC Reid a call directly.

In nearby Bagmore Lane in Herriard between 3am and 4am on Monday August 5th two premises were broken into at The Old Station yard.  A dark Land Rover Freelander was involved containing three men, PC Reid would like to ask if anyone has CCTV if they could please check between these times on that morning as they too may have had a visit!! On the same night in Newnham a similar burglary took place in which a quad bike and garden tools/equipment was stolen. As previously requested please record and photograph expensive equipment just in case.

Many thanks as always for your support and vigilance

Jane Popkin

Jane’s Contact Details:

Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833