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EBAG – Target met!

Ellisfield Broadband Action Group (EBAG) are delighted to report that the target has been reached and the money is now in the bank ready for action!

We would like to thank all donors for getting the monies to us so promptly.

As already reported EBAG will be meeting Hampshire County Council and Openreach on Wednesday 6 June to and progress next steps. We will of course keep you informed.

best wishes


EBAG – Pledge collection latest – nearly there!

Pledges collected now total an impressive £18,925

Thank you, once again to all those who have followed up their pledge so quickly.

A meeting with HCC and OpenReach has been setup for 6 June to go through the details of the project and to discuss the contract with HCC. Reminder: All the relevant information will be communicated BEFORE the contract is signed and BEFORE any monies leave the EBAG account.

It would be good to have collected all pledges by the meeting date so that we can show HCC and OpenReach that we are a serious concern and committed to the project. Cheques are an acceptable method of payment but BACS transfer (using the details sent individually) would be best.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Ali Swanston, Oakhill, Green Lane, telephone 381171,
Alix Taylor, Lower Farm, Green Lane, telephone 381992,

Thank you


EBAG – Pledges now being collected

Once again EBAG would like to thank the villagers who have generously pledged – meeting the target required.

Following the EBAG meeting on 16 May – pledges are now being collected towards the target of £22,442.

So far,  £14,675 has been collected. Thank you to all those who have followed up their pledge so quickly.

A Treasurers account has been opened for dual signatory. Monies are being collected into this account. If you haven’t already done so please contact Ali and / or Alex for details of the account.

A meeting with HCC and OpenReach has been requested to go through the details of the project and to discuss the contract with HCC. All the relevant information will be communicated BEFORE the contract is signed and BEFORE any monies leave the EBAG account.

We are still a little way away from signing any contract, however HCC and OpenReach have to be satisfied that we can raise the necessary funding and if they are not satisfied then the process cannot continue any further. So we need the monies in the bank to prove our intent even if this means collecting it early.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:
Ali Swanston, Oakhill, Green Lane, telephone 381171,
Alix Taylor, Lower Farm, Green Lane, telephone 381992,

Thank you


EBAG latest update – Pledge total met

We have been overwhelmed by the support for a superfast broadband solution for the South of Ellisfield. We have received pledges from the South and some from the North of the village for which we are most grateful.

We are now delighted to announce that we have hit the pledge target of £22,422

We are in the process of opening a bank account for monies to be paid into and the bank details will be made available once we have them.

EBAG are meeting on 16 May and will issue an update on next steps after that.

Thank you


Latest pledges total – EBAG Superfast for the South

As of today we have been pledged the amount of £16,800 (we need £22,442).

We current total is now high enough to make the £22,442 achievable… however we are still not there!

Ali Swanston ( and Alix Taylor ( will be door knocking around the village this weekend in the hope of raising more pledges. Please do get in touch with either (or both) if you would like to make an offer or to raise your current pledge.

Thank you to all those who have already put their names forward. Your support for our local community is very much appreciated.

Ellisfield Broadband Action Group (EBAG)

Read more detail about pledging your support here: Pledge Communication April 2018 V2

EBAG – Fantastic Broadband Opportunity

Ellisfield Broadband Action Group (EBAG) have today, hand-delivered a new communication to the houses in the South of the village regarding the latest news about internet connectivity. The communication says:

“We have just now received a significantly lower quote from Openreach/Hampshire County Council for a faster broadband solution (Fibre to the Premises – FTTP) to the whole of South of Ellisfield. The quote is for £44,883 which means that we need to raise £22,442 (Hampshire County Council can currently provide 50% of the cost).

EBAG firmly believes that this is a great opportunity for the South! Although the South are having to pay for their broadband it is important to point out that the solution on offer is the ‘latest and greatest’ available. It is superior to the solution in the North and will give us a uniform fast service that is inherently future proofed. FTTP can offer speeds of up to 300mbps!”

However HCC funds are limited and issued on a first come first served basis. Therefore time is of the essence – we need to move quickly. The South raised £11,500 in pledges in 2014, let’s just double that!!

We are now asking residents to make their pledges via:

Pledges will be taken in confidence. Please could you confirm the date of your pledge, the amount, your name and property name. We will acknowledge your pledges in due course along with a proposed payment date.

******PLEDGES NEED TO BE WITH US BY 6 MAY 2018******

Please ‘dig deep’. There is no minimum or maximum amount to pledge as every household is different. However as this is a community undertaking we would hope that the majority will feel able to contribute something.

If anyone has ideas for community fundraising efforts – perhaps the younger generation might like to get involved – please share them as this scheme has huge benefits for everyone for many years to come.

If you have any questions please contact Alix Taylor (details above) in the first instance.
We will publicise a running total on the Parish Council website and should you wish at any point to increase your pledge please do so!

We would be interested to hear if you run a business from your home in the South of Ellisfield as we are investigating the ‘Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme’. Just let Ali or Alix know.

The North of the village did go live with superfast broadband on 10 April 2018. If residents in the North have any questions or require assistance about what to do next please contact Julian Wright, who will be only too happy to help.”

Read the whole communication here:  Pledge Communication April 2018




Superfast Broadband – latest

Councillor Park-Weir has sent out the following regarding superfast broadband in the village.

We would like to take this opportunity to keep you informed of the latest developments in the project to bring faster broadband to the village and we ask you to respond the questions indicated below; your help will enable the parish council to approach this issue is a way that best reflects the wishes of Ellisfield residents.

The Parish Council are continuing our efforts to bring faster broadband to all properties and business within the village. As it stands today the properties in the North are included in the Hampshire scheme (Wave 2) and are expected to get an improved service by the end of 2018. However there is no plan from Hampshire Council in place to bring faster broadband to the South of the village.

The Parish Council does not believe it is acceptable for there to be no plan to improve service to the South of the village and we intend to put pressure on Hampshire County Council, our County Councillors and our MP to get a solution for Ellisfield South.

The additional cost of BT’s basic faster broadband services vs what we get from BT today is likely to be between £6 and £10 per month and approx. £20 set up fee. We are also exploring the potential for faster broadband service from other suppliers to provide competition other than BT, allowing residents to choose from alternative providers with different options and prices. Once we have faster broadband then residents may want to sign up for additional services, streaming TV, sport, telephone or movies, although these may bring further additional costs.

The Parish Council will make sure that all responses are confidential and that we fulfil our duty to protect your information and privacy although as there is a case that it might be valuable to collectively share the information both inside the community and with prospective broadband suppliers please indicate if you are happy for us to do so.

Please answer the 3 questions below

We would be greatly helped with our efforts if we have an indication of the likely uptake of improved service once it is deployed.

Please can send an email to answering the following questions:

Question 1

My name, address and home phone number is:

Question 2

If a faster service was available… (please respond with one of the following):

  • Yes I would sign up to faster broadband
  • No I don’t need a faster service
  • Other / not sure
  • I decline to share this information with the Parish Council

Please feel free to add a short note if you want to provide any further clarity on your response, volunteer to help the campaign or if the choices don’t fit your situation.

Question 3

If the council need to share my details with potential providers of a faster broadband service

  • Yes, I am happy for my details to be shared
  • No, please don’t share my details

If you don’t have access to email and you want to respond please drop a note to Councillor Park-Weir at Homestead, Green Lane

Thank you for your help

Ellisfield Parish Council


Dear Ellisfield residents

Ellisfield Parish Council has been asked to publicise this Mid Examination Local Plan Re-Consultation. In that Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council (BDBC) have proposed significant modifications to its original submission of their proposed Local Plan (2011-2029).

After initial submission for examination in October 2014, the Inspector, confirming that all prior submissions had been considered, required BDBC to enhance their plans. Thus Main Modifications to this Submission, some of which the Full Council (BDBC) have upheld, have been scrutinised and are now for public review prior to further approval/amendment or whatever.

The deadline for this mid examination and re-consultation is 4pm on Monday, 22 June 2015.

The BDBC agreed modifications include;

  • an increased annual housing requirement for 2011-2029 from 748 to 850 per year;  effectively doubling building total to 15,300 dwellings with an additional 7,600 homes.
  • the allocation of an additional housing site of 750 dwellings at Hounsome Fields; southwest of Basingstoke along the Winchester Road, and involving Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Show People accommodation sites.
  • the inclusion of a job target of 450-700 jobs per year across various sectors including; -specialist/advanced manufacturing (with R&D); – enhanced offices for financial & business services in Basingstoke town (many offices still considered poor quality); – plus distribution and logistics business enhancement with extra warehousing facilities.
  • all economic growth being supported by enhanced fibre optic broadband and mobile telecommunications and increased social infrastructure in education and training to obtain the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies.  Unemployment being only 2.4% in Basingstoke and recruitment often seeking migration to fulfil, as recently publicised.
  • loss of leisure facilities at Basingstoke Municipal Golf Course, for example.
  • all extra building being proposed on 12 greenfield sites, although two additional brownfield sites added previously seemingly of lesser significance within this enhanced plan.

Although Ellisfield is not marked on the BDBC map, it is being fully consulted. Without doubt, it can be concluded that this enhanced Local Plan brings urbanisation closer to the rural villages around Basingstoke, which may or may not be to residents desires. Certainly nearby roads such as A339 and Cliddesden to Preston Candover Road, via Axford, will possibly/likely be affected with potentially 10,000 or more local vehicles.  To say nothing of other commercial centres having an outlying affect. However economic growth does bring many advantages too.

For your assistance; research can be found at from its extensive activities, recent public response and meeting.

Thus. full details of this re-consultation are at;   with all updated documentation referenced, and comments about;

  • the necessary infrastructure to cope with this enhanced Local Plan;
  • water quality modelling to assess potential impacts on river deterioration, conservation and habitats, disposal of wastewater and possible flooding concerns;
  • transport assessment and suggested mitigation measures to accommodate increased traffic on the highway network;
  • discussions with the local education authorities and neighbouring local authorities;  and
  • its apparent assumption that building will include Affordable Housing as mixed housing developments but that parish needs will likely flow from this Local Plan in Neighbourhood Plans, once, or if, it is fully approved.

These documents are available for public inspection at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Offices between hours 8.30am to 5.00pm on Mondays to Thursdays, and 6.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays, and at all public libraries.

An individual representation form can also be downloaded/completed and returned by email to;

  1. or
  2. by fax to 01256 845200
  3. for further information and advice please contact Planning Policy Team – 01256 845450.



Village Broadband Latest

Despite the decision by HCC/BT to include Ellisfield North in the next wave of the fast broadband programme for delivery by 2019 (but to exclude Ellisfield South),  we are still exploring the possibility of a village-wide and much earlier solution.  We have the previous pledges still standing and, in addition,  the prospect of pledges from households who were awaiting BT speed indications in their locality.  There still exists the possibility of outside funding bridging the gap, but this remains elusive.

In this  context we have succeeded in securing a modest price reduction, contingent on a local project going ahead, with the result that the total pledges now account for half of the required amount for a village-wide BT Fibre to the Cabinet solution.   Furthermore BT have at last now supplied indicative speeds for most of the selected Ellisfield North properties, based on the actual physical line characteristics, as opposed to a notional figure driven by the distance from the cabinet.  This is not possible for Ellisfield South given that the network would have to be first reconfigured to make such predictions.  EPC have therefore filled in the gaps in the best way possible from known information.  The speeds shown below should be considered indicative and not a guarantee.

Copper Beaches Axford Road RG25 2QG 50 + Mbps
Coopers farm Bell Lane RG25 2QD 25 + Mbps
Ivy Cottage Bell Lane RG25 2QD 50 + Mbps
The Old Manor Church Lane RG25 2QR 40 + Mbps
Drumbeg College Lane RG25 2QE 50 + Mbps
College Farm College Lane RG25 2QE 50 + Mbps
Northgate Farm Northgate Lane RG25 2QT 20 + Mbps
Pullens Cottage Green Lane RG25 2QP 15 + Mbps
Upper Common Cottage Green Lane RG25 2QW 10 + Mbps
Mayfield Green Lane RG25 2QL 20 + Mbps
Oak Hill Green Lane RG25 2QL 25 + Mbps
Penny Cottage Green Lane RG25 2QP 15 + Mbps
5 Farriers Field Green Lane RG25 2QQ 3 + Mbps

We look forward to receiving additional pledges and will review the situation at the end of March regarding the options for bridging the funding gap.

Julian Wright, Ellisfield Parish Council