Monthly Archives: May 2021

Retirement of Tim Guinness from Ellisfield Parish Council


The Parish Council was sorry to see our long-standing chairman Tim Guinness stepping down at our Annual Parish meeting on Thursday 6th May. Tim has been an outstanding Chairman for sixteen years, leading and guiding the Council in their deliberations, and always taking time to look at any problem or situation from every angle. This has meant that no decision has been taken rashly or without considerable thought, and as a Council we are grateful to Tim for this experience.

His sense of humour, light touch, financial acumen and above all his knowledge of the village and its residents has been an added bonus. Born and brought up in Ellisfield, Tim’s affection for the village is second to none and we look forward to his spending more time in Ellisfield when he finally decides to retire.  On behalf of the village and the Parish Council I would like thank him for so many years of dedicated service.

Caroline Cazenove,