EBAG – Pledges now being collected

Once again EBAG would like to thank the villagers who have generously pledged – meeting the target required.

Following the EBAG meeting on 16 May – pledges are now being collected towards the target of £22,442.

So far,  £14,675 has been collected. Thank you to all those who have followed up their pledge so quickly.

A Treasurers account has been opened for dual signatory. Monies are being collected into this account. If you haven’t already done so please contact Ali and / or Alex for details of the account.

A meeting with HCC and OpenReach has been requested to go through the details of the project and to discuss the contract with HCC. All the relevant information will be communicated BEFORE the contract is signed and BEFORE any monies leave the EBAG account.

We are still a little way away from signing any contract, however HCC and OpenReach have to be satisfied that we can raise the necessary funding and if they are not satisfied then the process cannot continue any further. So we need the monies in the bank to prove our intent even if this means collecting it early.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:
Ali Swanston, Oakhill, Green Lane, telephone 381171,
Alix Taylor, Lower Farm, Green Lane, telephone 381992,

Thank you