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Ellisfield Superfast Broadband options – EBAG

Where are we on Broadband?

Ellisfield Broadband Action Group (EBAG) is exploring options to bring Broadband to all of Ellisfield. We can confirm that the North is in the BT Superfast Broadband for 2018. However, at present there are no plans for the South of the village. The options for the South of the village are BT Superfast Broadband, Microwave (both require village funding) or 4G mobile as self-service (may not be available everywhere in the village). However, for BT Superfast Broadband the good news is that since we started the initiative 3 years ago, the funding rules have changed
and we can currently apply to subscribe to a ‘match funding’ scheme whereby any village pledges will be matched by HCC. Our hope is that the village will work together as a collective on the funding gap. We in the South of the village have to demonstrate to HCC and BT that we have sufficient interest registered by the residents. You can subscribe to any/all of the following options.


This is a long term and on-going option, providing the funds are raised, that would be implemented in 1-3 years delivering broadband speeds of between 10-25 meg. In order to progress this, we need you to register your interest.
This does not require any financial commitment.  Go to:

  • Type in your postcode,
  • Press ‘find’,
  • Select your address,
  • Press ‘register your interest’
  • Complete the simple form – title, name, email, landline telephone number, Press ‘submit’.
  • Please can you let Ali Swanston know that you have registered or telephone her on 381171.


This is wireless option that comes with an entry cost of £350 per household and additionally requires a subsidy voucher/code from HCC. It will deliver unlimited broadband with a minimum speed of 15 meg to all residents (North and South) who subscribe. This will initially be for a 1 year term to be extended thereafter. Note. Portsmouth Estates including Hill Farm already use this service. Vouchers/code are only available until the end of December 2017 but it could be installed by 31st Jan 2018. To register for a subsidy voucher/code (finishes end Dec 2017), go to:

  • Go to bottom of the page,
  • complete the simple form – title, name, email, landline telephone number,
  • press ‘submit’.
  • You will then receive an email from ‘ saying that you are eligible for the scheme.
  • There will be a link to:
  • and a case number.
  • Click the link, this will take you to the application page, complete all pages – have your case number handy.
  • You should then receive another email from The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport confirming that you qualify and giving you a subsidy voucher/code (valid for 60 days but can be extended).
  • Please could you let Ali Swanston know that code by email or 381171. We will collate them and submit them together



Mobile broadband is available in some parts from of the village and comes with a limited data capacity contract e.g. 40GB per month. Should you require more information on this service please contact the EBAG team for more information by emailing: Ali / Andy Swanston

EBAG volunteers will also be visiting properties in the South of the village to gauge interest, answer questions and help with registration(s). By tracking numbers we hope to speed up the processes.

Thank you in advance for your support.


working in conjunction with the Parish Council – Gavin Park Weir, Ashley Turberfield, Julian Wright, Andy/Ali Swanston, Alix Taylor, Charlie Hellewell, Dirk/Janette Bacon

Ellisfield Christmas Fayre 2017

Saturday 25 November 2-4pm

All proceeds to St Martin’s Church & Ellisfield Memorial Hall


If you have anything you can give for the tombola –  preferably gifts like stationery, toys, chocolates, biscuits, wines, toiletries, sweets and we would be really pleased
to receive anything which is unused, undamaged and not out of date by Sunday 19th November. CHRISTMAS FAYRE TOMBOLA 2017

Please contact Charlie on 381094, Natasha on 381596 or Ali on 381171 if you have anything you would like to donate.

Cake and Produce Stall

Cakes – Biscuits – Pies – Tarts – Jams – Chutneys – Pickles – Chocolates – Sweets

Jenny Outen needs your help. If you can make delicious goodies for us to sell on Saturday 25 November 2017 – Please bring to the hall between 10-00am & 12 noon
Thank-you so much Christmas Fayre Produce flyer 2017

We look forward to seeing you there!