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Affordable housing – 4 Farriers Field – Urgent news

Parish Council Chairman, Tim Guinness has distributed the following:

Basingstoke and Deane Housing Department are re-advertising 4 Farriers Field. They are now seeking to identify persons/families interested in applying for the affordable home at 4 Farriers Field – occupied until very recently by Jill Woodgate – with an Ellisfield connection.

Farrier’s Field was developed in the 1990s on land donated by Lord Portsmouth subject to a s106 scheme agreement which provided that preference would be given to applicants with an Ellisfield connection.

When this property was advertised 10 days ago Basingstoke and Deane Housing Department had overlooked this need for an Ellisfield connection.

They are now re – advertising it on the next lettings cycle, which starts TODAY – at one minute past midnight on Thursday 15 October and ends at midnight on Monday 19 October 2015. Only applicants with a local connection to the parish of Ellisfield should be able to place a bid on this property.

Click here to read more details on how to apply.