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Noticeboard at College Lane repositioned:

20150520 IMG_0270 new noticeboard repositioned College LaneEllisfield Parish Council’s (EPC) noticeboard, repositioned on new posts, at College Lane/Bell Lane junction, RG26 2QD

It’s done at last!

Thank you to Cllr Park-Weir and our contractor Timberwise Fencing.

Also, many thanks for the grant from ‘one of our local commercial businesses’  which helped pay for this anticipated, replacement noticeboard.

Importantly, all can step up to the post-box, and onto the slabs in all weathers, to read or post notices. Historic hydrant now moved to a hiding place! Delays are much regretted, but EPC got there eventually. Hope it works better for all now.


Allotments available

Ellisfield Allotments Gardeners Association (EAGA)

allotmentsFor Ellisfield residents;

Are you interested in taking on one or more of our
Ellisfield Upper Allotments, for a small annual rent?

Please contact Ellisfield Parish Clerk

by telephone on: 01256 397125

or click here to email.