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Parish Elections 7 May 2015 – Info for prospective candidates

Please find attached a time table of proceedings and a full pack of nomination papers which includes a form to request the electoral register. Candidates are advised to read the guidance and resources that are available on the Electoral Commissions website.

Could you please note that The Electoral Commission have updated their guidance for candidates and agents at local government elections in England and Wales and as a consequence we will be asking that nomination papers, consents to nomination and notices of withdrawal must be delivered in person.

The nomination period (the time when the nomination papers can be handed in) is:


– Receipt of nominations start: 10am Friday 27 March 2015
– Receipt of nomination ends: 4pm on Thursday 9 April 2015


– 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) for informal checking and formal submission

An appointment should be made for final checking and deposit of your nomination papers, so please contact the Electoral Services team on 01256 845355 prior to your visit. When making your appointment, please allow sufficient time for you to get signatures on a new form, should the submitted form be found to be invalid. Please note that appointments should be made before the last day for submission, as experience has shown that it leaves insufficient time for candidates/agents to correct invalid nomination papers.

Could you please remind all candidates that they are responsible for managing their election spending. They must complete a spending return and declaration and submit them to the Returning Officer within 28 calendar days after the day of the election. They should do this even if the election is uncontested or their spending return is nil. For further guidance see Part 3 – Spending forms and notices.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
Wayne Dash
Electoral Services Team Leader
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Tel (Direct): 01256 845298
Fax: 01256 845200.

Village Broadband Latest

Despite the decision by HCC/BT to include Ellisfield North in the next wave of the fast broadband programme for delivery by 2019 (but to exclude Ellisfield South),  we are still exploring the possibility of a village-wide and much earlier solution.  We have the previous pledges still standing and, in addition,  the prospect of pledges from households who were awaiting BT speed indications in their locality.  There still exists the possibility of outside funding bridging the gap, but this remains elusive.

In this  context we have succeeded in securing a modest price reduction, contingent on a local project going ahead, with the result that the total pledges now account for half of the required amount for a village-wide BT Fibre to the Cabinet solution.   Furthermore BT have at last now supplied indicative speeds for most of the selected Ellisfield North properties, based on the actual physical line characteristics, as opposed to a notional figure driven by the distance from the cabinet.  This is not possible for Ellisfield South given that the network would have to be first reconfigured to make such predictions.  EPC have therefore filled in the gaps in the best way possible from known information.  The speeds shown below should be considered indicative and not a guarantee.

Copper Beaches Axford Road RG25 2QG 50 + Mbps
Coopers farm Bell Lane RG25 2QD 25 + Mbps
Ivy Cottage Bell Lane RG25 2QD 50 + Mbps
The Old Manor Church Lane RG25 2QR 40 + Mbps
Drumbeg College Lane RG25 2QE 50 + Mbps
College Farm College Lane RG25 2QE 50 + Mbps
Northgate Farm Northgate Lane RG25 2QT 20 + Mbps
Pullens Cottage Green Lane RG25 2QP 15 + Mbps
Upper Common Cottage Green Lane RG25 2QW 10 + Mbps
Mayfield Green Lane RG25 2QL 20 + Mbps
Oak Hill Green Lane RG25 2QL 25 + Mbps
Penny Cottage Green Lane RG25 2QP 15 + Mbps
5 Farriers Field Green Lane RG25 2QQ 3 + Mbps

We look forward to receiving additional pledges and will review the situation at the end of March regarding the options for bridging the funding gap.

Julian Wright, Ellisfield Parish Council